Rosalind Croad

Hi, I’m Ros.

I’m a producer, entrepreneur and coach. 

At my company Time Flow, I work with overstretched creative solopreneurs to find time freedom with simple systems.  My studies in Transpersonal Psychology allow me to provide my clients with transformative solutions so they can lead more purposeful and impactful lives. 

As a kid, I loved bringing magical worlds to life by directing tomato-sauce-blood-effect home movies, and designing elaborate treasure hunts for my siblings’ birthdays. My love of storytelling evolved to working in film financing and production in New Zealand before making the leap to London where I’ve made a career of entrepreneurship and producing events.

As an entrepreneur, I co-founded and was COO (2015-2020) of AW Conferences, an international events company specialising in online marketing.  Over five years I led as COO growing the company from humble kitchen-table-office  beginnings to multi-million dollar annual revenue and 30 full time employees.
As a producer, my events have been attended by more than 25,000 people and I’ve led projects in the UK, Spain, Germany, Thailand, India, and New Zealand.  My cinematic love affair also continues to burn strong and my short film, Kamali, was nominated for a 2020 BAFTA award.

I excel at leaving unforgettable impressions on people by designing imaginative, memorable gatherings for private clients and friends with outre experiments such as:

  • a fanciful feast based on an extravagant scene from a Fellini film;
  • a night of 30 strangers sharing their private inner worlds through tabletop art;
  • a retreat to nurture your inner artist in community on a beautiful private Spanish farm.

The common threads of my work impart my love of storytelling, creating connection, exploring culture, and adventure. I’m always open to producing projects that resonate with my values, especially if they are quirky or unusual; I have a knack for making the impossible possible. 

👋 If you want to engage people with original ideas, look me up on LinkedIn or say hello by email at