Alpha Female

Music Video
Bangalore, India

This project was shot for indie band Wild Beasts’ 2016 song Alpha Female.  To reflect the essence of the song’s lyrics, director Sasha Rainbow knew she didn’t want to cast the all-male band members in the video. Instead, we headed to Bangalore, India and cast professional skateboarder Atita Verghese as a portrait of India’s burgeoning female-led skateboarding scene.

Girls of all ages, in all manner of clothing, skate effortlessly through the city streets whilst onlookers seem amazed and confused. These awesome females tear up streets and skateparks alike, with the night time scenes flooded with gorgeous coloured lights as a celebration of culture and empowerment. 

The video caught the attention of professional skateboarder Tony Hawk who shared it online and later went on to meet some of the girls at skating competitions — a dream come true!

“...the freedom of the women cuts through the whole video with clean energy and confidence that lifts spirits and is undeniable.”
     Morgan Y. Evans, PopMatters


Director:  Sasha Rainbow
Producers: Rosalind Croad & Felix Jude West
DOP:  Alexandre Jamin
Editors: Sarah Peczek & Flaura Atkinson