Blind Tiger

Immersive Event
Bangkok, Thailand

This client requested a night that would be beyond the guests’ imaginations, but that they could never forget.  We designed ‘Blind Tiger’: an otherworldly experience that invited guests to step into a film world that melded the lines between fantasy and reality.

Guests arrived at an unmarked location behind a backstreet Bangkok train station where they wound through wet washing lines being furiously scrubbed by workers.  Hidden behind — at the end of a dirty, barren den lined with gambling gangsters — was Madame LeBoosh, hostess of the night, who welcomed guests into her underground black market.  1,000 revellers rolled through the doors winding through alleyways and luminous eye-lined tunnels encountering a cacophony of characters such as go-go dancers, fortune tellers, and swan-like bathing beauties.

The night was never to be repeated as by morning, the credits rolled and this dream world was swept away without a trace.

Event Credits

Producer: Rosalind Croad
Creative Director: Sasha Rainbow
Set Designer: Surachai Petsangrot
Production: Znooker Thipala
Photographer: James Kelly
Film Credits

Executive Producer: Rosalind Croad
Director: Sasha Rainbow
DOP: Pithai Smithsuth
Editor: Natiya Suvanasuthi