AW Conferences

Co-founder & COO
Bangkok, Thailand | Berlin, GermanyBarcelona, Spain  

In 2015, I co-founded Affiliate World Conferences with four colleagues to fill a gap for online marketing events. Over five years I led as COO growing the company from my kitchen table office to employing 30 people full time and  multi-million dollar annual revenue.  Speakers included  best-selling authors Neil Patel, Ryan Holiday, and marketing expert Ryan Deiss.

Alongside leading the business, I also directed the live events running more than 10 events in London, Bangkok, Berlin and Barcelona that were attended by more than 24,000 people.  After five amazing, challenging, and satisfying years, I decided to step away during Covid-19 to move towards new ventures.

“Affiliate World is the only absolutely must-attend global conference for super affiliates or anyone who aspires to become a super affiliate online.
Neil Patel


Short Film
Mahabalipuram, India

Director Sasha Rainbow and I met 7-year-old Kamali and her mother, Suganthi, on a trip to India.  After hearing Suganthi’s moving story of how she escaped an abusive relationship and was empowering her daughter through skateboarding, we knew we had to return to tell their story.   In 2017 we independently produced our short film Kamali, spending a month in the tiny fishing village of Mahabalipuram following Suganthi as she embarked on a solo pilgrimage.

Kamali was nominated for 27 international film festivals winning at several including Best Documentary Short at both the 2019 Atlanta Film Festival and Raindance Film Festival.  It was shortlisted for Best British Short Film at the 2020 BAFTA Awards and longlisted for the 2020 Academy Awards.

“Tender, surprising. Apparently simple, but in truth resonant and complex.”
Stephen Fry

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Director:  Sasha Rainbow
Producers: Rosalind Croad & Sasha Rainbow
DOP: Jake Gabbay
Editor: David Higgs


Marketing Conferences
Bangkok, ThailandBarcelona, Spain

Founded by Mirella Crespi, SheCommerce is an online community and marketing conferences for the sharpest female-led startups, investors, and marketers in the online marketing industry.  Inspired by Mirella’s vision to amplify women’s voices in this male dominated space, I produced the Bangkok and Barcelona branches of the SheCommerce events for more than 500 attendees.

“ I’ve been in the industry a long time and haven’t felt inspiration like that in a while. I absolutely loved the vibe and meeting brilliant women who have built multi-million dollar companies from the ground up. ”
Sarah Bundy, AIM



Founder & Creative Director :  Mirella Crespi
Producer: Rosalind Croad
Production:  Sophie Willard & Sophie Carter

Blind Tiger

Immersive Event
Bangkok, Thailand

This client requested a night that would be beyond the guests’ imaginations, but that they could never forget.  We designed ‘Blind Tiger’: an otherworldly experience that invited guests to step into a film world that melded the lines between fantasy and reality.

Guests arrived at an unmarked location behind a backstreet Bangkok train station where they wound through wet washing lines being furiously scrubbed by workers.  Hidden behind — at the end of a dirty, barren den lined with gambling gangsters — was Madame LeBoosh, hostess of the night, who welcomed guests into her underground black market.  1,000 revellers rolled through the doors winding through alleyways and luminous eye-lined tunnels encountering a cacophony of characters such as go-go dancers, fortune tellers, and swan-like bathing beauties.

The night was never to be repeated as by morning, the credits rolled and this dream world was swept away without a trace.

Event Credits

Producer: Rosalind Croad
Creative Director: Sasha Rainbow
Set Designer: Surachai Petsangrot
Production: Znooker Thipala
Photographer: James Kelly
Film Credits

Executive Producer: Rosalind Croad
Director: Sasha Rainbow
DOP: Pithai Smithsuth
Editor: Natiya Suvanasuthi

Alpha Female

Music Video
Bangalore, India

This project was shot for indie band Wild Beasts’ 2016 song Alpha Female.  To reflect the essence of the song’s lyrics, director Sasha Rainbow knew she didn’t want to cast the all-male band members in the video. Instead, we headed to Bangalore, India and cast professional skateboarder Atita Verghese as a portrait of India’s burgeoning female-led skateboarding scene.

Girls of all ages, in all manner of clothing, skate effortlessly through the city streets whilst onlookers seem amazed and confused. These awesome females tear up streets and skateparks alike, with the night time scenes flooded with gorgeous coloured lights as a celebration of culture and empowerment. 

The video caught the attention of professional skateboarder Tony Hawk who shared it online and later went on to meet some of the girls at skating competitions — a dream come true!

“...the freedom of the women cuts through the whole video with clean energy and confidence that lifts spirits and is undeniable.”
     Morgan Y. Evans, PopMatters


Director:  Sasha Rainbow
Producers: Rosalind Croad & Felix Jude West
DOP:  Alexandre Jamin
Editors: Sarah Peczek & Flaura Atkinson